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 Ban Appeal Template

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal Template   Ban Appeal Template Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 1:54 pm

Please note that this forum is STRICTLY for ban appeals ONLY. All other unrelated threads will be either:

1. Closed
2. Deleted
3. Moved

This also comes with the possibility of a ban due to misconduct in PokemonMS's forums.

Requirements for a ban appeal:
You MUST have 25+ posts within forums (Excludes spam posts)
Do not contact a GM about your ban. Post here.
You may have 3 ban appeals before a DNU (Do not unban)
You may pay $10 for getting unbanned.
Your ban appeal MUST follow the format listed below:

IGN: <ign>

Reason banned: <Why you were banned>

Which part of ToS you admit you broke: <Which rule did you break>

What have you got to say: <Your comment on the ban>

Write here why you feel ashamed of your actions: <Self explanatory>

Do you accept any punishments and not complain: <Yes/No>
See below

Do you have 25 posts? If not, why?

If you are banned and honest on ban appeal,
Kipers / JQ hackers / Fake donation = DNU
Hackers = All characters deleted.
Max stat items seller = All maxed stat item wiped
Max stat items buyer = Several items wiped.
Donator scrolled items seller = Donator status removed.
Donator scrolled items buyer = Several items wiped.
Showing GM hat / sign = GM hat wiped.
Insult a GM / server = DNU ( Do not unban ).
Looting GM stuff = At least 1 hour tempban / Item removed.
False banned = Unbanned
Not in format or below 25 posts = Thread deleted
DNU = Donate $10 for unban. ONLY unban, no donation prize.
*Post the unban donation in donation section and make another new thread in ban appeal section to give me the link to your donation section. Also with your banned IGN.

If you are banned and are not honest on ban appeal, it means DNU for you.
I do not want to hear "It was my friend or anyone" or " i didnt know it " as excuse !
That wont make me unban you.

*If you don't accept the punishment, don't ask for unban.
*Open new topic before another 1 locked mean DNU for you too.
*After unbanned, click login twice to be fully unbanned.[/quote]

Chance for unban.
1st ban appeal = 80% chance for unbanned.
2nd ban appeal = 20% chance for unbanned.
3rd ban appeal = 0.1% chance or suspended from forum !

Those who send GameMasters a screenshot of donator scrolled items / max stat items buyer or seller will be rewarded.

SmexiieMS Team~ Very Happy
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Ban Appeal Template
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