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 Muffin's GM app.

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Muffin's GM app. Empty
PostSubject: Muffin's GM app.   Muffin's GM app. Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 3:46 am

Name: Tim(my)
IGN: Muffin
Age/Birthday: 17
Gender: Male

What level GM do you want to be?
Level doesn't mather, I just want to help other peoples.

Why do you want to be a GM?
I want to get my maple experiences to another level.

What would you do as a GM?
* I would help (new) people if they got any questions/problems.
* I would organise events (if I got the permission).

What are your specialties?
* Helpfull
* I seek perfection.

If you caught a hacker, what would you do?
I would have a chat with him first, when he/she hacks again I will talk with you and we will search a penalty.

What would you do if the hacker was your close friend/family?
The same thing, every player must to be you must treat them all as equals.

Would you host events?

Will you abuse your powers?
Hmmmmm..., don't think so.

Are you experienced?
Ive been GM before.

Will you harrass the players?
Only if they are adorable.

What would you do if a player started to insult you?
Talk and maybe jail. If he goes over the line, I will talk with you to give a reasonable penalty.

Would you quit if you have not been accepted?
Don't think so. But I won't be playing as much as before.

A little more about yourself:
I live in Belgium (+1 GMT), so when its night over there it will be day here. This could be helpfull in my opinion.
Because I live in Belium, it could be that I will make some grammatical faults.
I can talk 3 languages (helpfull ?)
Basketball is my passion!

Cya and thanks for reading Smile

Tim cheers
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Muffin's GM app.
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